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Our Tree Fund — January 2021

20 January 2021

Hello to our loyal supporters (that’s you)! From day 0, we’ve said we would donate a tree for every email we received on our mailing list–we thought that you’d prefer that over some typical 10% discount on first order purchases that brands usually give for signing up to their list. We think that you, the mindful consumer, would much prefer positive actions to fight climate change, deforestation and promote biodiversity. So yay you, yay Earth!

With our tree planting partner, One Tree Planted we’re planting trees for various activities like signing up for our newsletter, referring friends (who end up purchasing a garment) as well as returns. We’re still working on rolling out our referral tool, so keep your eyes on our newsletter and Instagram feed! But you get the drill–tree planting is so central to our brand.  And why might that be you ask?

  • Our shirts are made from trees — from FSC and PEFC certified eucalyptus wood sources, of course. These wood sources are from forests which are sustainably managed under FSC and PEFC certifications. Learn more here and here!
  • Planting trees has tremendous positive impacts on our planet in our fight against the effects of climate change–from cleaning our air, capturing rainwater (preventing calamities like floods too) and promoting biodiversity since forests are homes to hundreds of species. Learn more on this here!
  • Reducing consumption + tree planting + conservation efforts together are key–tree planting alone isn’t the solution. While a mature tree can sequester up to 48 pounds (22 kg) of carbon dioxide per year¹, it takes around 10 years for a tree to reach maturity. Young trees are estimated to sequester around 13 pounds (5.9 kg) of carbon dioxide per year². In light of this, we think the approach to reducing our carbon footprint means reducing our overall consumption, planting trees as well as focusing on conservation projects.

So now you’re convinced. You are dying to know how we deployed our “Tree Fund”– which are the funds we put aside based on the number of emails we’ve collected since our pre-launch period. Drumroll please…..

  • 50% of our Tree Fund went to supporting a project between One Tree Planted and The Jane Goodall Institute to restore chimpanzee habitats, promote biodiversity while supporting local communities in the Albertine Rift forests in Uganda. This project benefits the natural habitats of chimpanzees, local wildlife species, but also local communities where over 3,500 households will be supported in sustainable livelihoods. Learn more about this amazing project here!
  • 40% of our Tree Fund went into reforestation efforts in California, a region devastated by catastrophic forest fires. The fires of 2020 were particularly devastating– this One Tree Planted project intends to plant trees across California where over hundreds of millions of trees will need to be planted. Reforestation in California also means that the risks of devastating fires and floods will be reduced. Learn more here!
  • 10% of our Tree Fund went into  the Orca Project–reforestation efforts for Orca habitation in the Pacific Northwest which helps to ensure that Orcas (which are endangered species) have better access to salmon (their main food source) downstream.

There you have it, our first Tree Fund from your signups. Remember that the more signups we get, the more we’ll be able to buy trees for reforestation and conservation. Do you have a strong view on where we should deploy our Tree Fund for next month? Check out One Tree Planted’s website and drop us a line at hi@weareandall.com — we’d love to hear from you!


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