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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What is gender-free fit?
  2. Gender-free fit means that we designed a shirt with body shapes in mind, not weird sizing assumptions based on gender. We came up with a proprietary sizing chart unique to our brand which is designed for a wide, inclusive sizing range of body shapes. The fit is roomier than a conventional, regular-fit shirt—but not a tent, which was a feat to accomplish!

  3.  How do I find my size?
  4. We have 7 sizes (sizes 1-7). We recommend visiting our Size Chart which shows you how to measure and find your size.

    If this is still tough and you want to be extra sure, feel free to email us at with your measurements (height, weight, and preferred fit: slim, regular, loose or oversized) and, ideally, a few pics of you in your desired style from the front, back and side, so our fit specialist can take a look and help with your selection.

  5.  How do your sizes compare to other brands?
  6. Since our sizing chart is proprietary and gender-free sizing is uncommon to say the least, there really isn’t a 1-for-1 match up with more traditional shirting sizing. We recommend sending our fit specialist an email (see answer above) if you have questions.

  1.  How do I care for my shirt?
  2. Garment care is so important to us—we can do small things to not only care for our shirt, but care for the planet—like washing our shirt at lower temperatures, hanging to dry as well as washing only if you need to. To find out more about our top tips for garment care, check out our Garment Care guide.

  3.  I need to repair my shirt. Do you have any kits for that?
  4. We currently don’t have any garment repair kits (but it’s on our list of things for the future! Stay tuned!). However, if you do need extra buttons please feel free to drop us a line at and we’re more than happy to send you some.

  5.  I’ve decided that my shirt and I have had a nice life together and it’s time for it to be recycled. Do you have any take back/recycling programs?
  6. We currently don’t have a take back program nor a recycling program. It’s not because we don’t want to–we’ve actually designed our shirt for easy end of use (since it’s 100% biodegradable and has some nifty functions that make it easier to recycle like the way we sew our labels for example). The reality is, apparel recycling machines require soooo much feedstock material and we actually don’t produce huge amounts of inventory (because- thoughtful production). But watch this space! You’ll be the first to know when we launch it!

  1.  What are your shipping methods
  2. We use DHL, Hongkong Post and SF Express for all our shipments.

  3.  Is shipping included?
  4. Yes, shipping is included for all orders. Yay!

  5.  Where do you ship to?
  6. We’re currently shipping to the United States, most parts of the EU and UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Australia. However, drop us a line at: if you’re in another country not listed and we’ll find a way to get your shirt to you! We’re also able to provide local courier delivery for Hong Kong orders.

  7.  Do you offer expedited shipping?
  8. Currently, we’re only offering standard shipping, but will soon offer an expedited alternative as well. Stay tuned.

  9.  How long does shipping to my address take?
  10. Due to COVID 19-related delays, standard shipping takes between 7-10 business days. Hong Kong deliveries should arrive within 1-2 days. You will receive a tracking number via email to keep you posted on where your shipment is.

  11.  Will I have to pay customs and duties on my order?
  12. For shipments to the US: you do not have to pay any taxes or duties.

  13.  Where’s my order?
  14. If you haven’t received your order after 14 days, please drop us a line with your order number.

  1.  What is your returns and exchanges policy?
  2. Eligible items

    All returned and exchanged items must be unused, unwashed and come back in original packaging (cloth bag hangtag and extra buttons)—but you can keep our thank you note—it has a cool print on the back which makes a great bookmark or fun print to hang up!

    Applicable costs


    All good faith exchanges are free of charge, including shipping on the first exchange.

    All returns are subject to a $10 restocking & tree fee, which will be deducted from your refund payment. We ask you to cover local domestic shipping to our US warehouse.


    All good faith exchanges are free of charge, including shipping on the first exchange.

    All returns are subject to a HKD 50 restocking & tree fee, which will be deducted from your refund payment. Local HK shipping via SF Express is free.

  3.  Do I really need to buy a tree to offset some of my shopping carbon footprint?
  4. When you want to process a return on your garment, we do charge a “tree fee” which is included in our re-stocking fee.  We then purchase trees in bulk each month via our tree planting partner, One Tree Planted. We ask this because, while we of course allow returns, they do increase the carbon footprint associated with a purchase and buying a tree helps to offset that carbon footprint in some part. Planting trees is not a panacea for the carbon footprint we generate. We look to use the “tree fees” on conservation projects as well. Go to to learn more about their various projects.

  5.  Can I exchange my order? How can I do that?
  6. Yes you can! If for any reason you’d like to exchange your item within 10 business days of receipt of your order, go ahead and drop us a line at: and tell us which size/print you’d like the exchange for. We’ll then send you a shipping label and get you your preferred shirt size for free.

  7.  How long does it take to process a return?
  8. Once we receive your shirt back (and it’s just the way it was when you received it), we will send you a confirmation email.

    Please note that refund payments, via the same payment method, can take up to 10 working days to process. 

  9.  How long do I have to decide if I want to return my garment?
  10. We accept returns until 10 business days after receipt of your purchase as long as it is unwashed, unused and with all its original packaging (cloth bag, hangtag and extra buttons).

  11.  What packaging should I use to get the garment/s back to you?
  12. We’d love for you to use the original packaging as much as possible but if that is difficult then any clean, Earth-friendly mailer will be fine (made from recycled material ideally).

  1.  I’d like to give someone a shirt gift. How can I do that?
  2. You are so nice! No problemo. In the shopping cart there you can ship to a different address and an area for order notes–you can use this space for your gift message. Or else, drop us a line at with your gift message and we’ll include a gift card for your order.

  1.  What payment methods do you accept?
  2. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

  3.  Why don’t you have a ‘buy now, pay later’ option?
  4. We don’t believe in buying things that you don’t need or have to go into debt for. If you have to go into debt for a garment purchase- we’d rather you not buy it. We are huge proponents of mindful consumption (UN Sustainable Development Goal #12).

  5.  What currency are your prices in?
  6. We currently accept USD and HKD on our website—you can select accordingly in the top right menu bar on the shop page.

  1.  Why are your shirts priced the way they are?
  2. We understand that our shirts are not inexpensive, but we do believe that making something truly circular with a focus on ethical production does cost more. We’re also a young brand and we expect that as we grow we’ll be able to have better opportunities for scale and offer more products at a wider variety of price points.

  3.  Why don’t you give a 10% discount on first purchase like many other brands do?
  4. We don’t believe in discounting to get sales. Our current system of retail is broken and in its wake we see the effects of fast-fashion: landfills full lof unsold inventory, damage to our soil, air and water ways, and unethical labor. We believe we’ve produced a quality product, and we hope our shirt speaks for itself. We also don’t believe in growth at all costs so we can really grow our company at just the right pace. We do think trees as well as conservation efforts are important though! So tree planting via our tree planting partner, One Tree Planted is throughout our business practice- from your signup email (yay, tree!), referring friends (yay, more trees!) and a “tree fee” for each return you opt to do.

  5.  I’m interested in modeling for you! How can I contact you?
  6. Yay! Drop us a line at and your Instagram handle! We’d love to hear from you.

  7.  I’m a media person and would love to feature you. How can we do that?
  8. We welcome media inquiries. Please email us at:

  9.  Where are you located and why don’t you have an actual store?
  10. We are located in Hong Kong! Why? Because it’s a great city and it’s also really great for getting you better shipment options. We are an e-commerce only store for now but watch this space for when we do have a store.

  1.  Why don’t you have more detailed carbon footprinting information on your supply chain/our purchases?
  2. Carbon footprinting is detailed and requires a lot of data and often, expensive consultants to help a brand really get the exact number. We’re a startup and while we really want to give you those exact numbers, we just can’t do that at this stage in our journey. Please bear with us! We’ll get there!

  3.  What certifications do you have for your products?
  4. The topic of certifications in sustainable fashion is so important. Certifications are critical to ensure the safety, transparency and validity of the materials and processes we use to make our shirts. We ensure that AndAll’s supply chain is properly certified through our vendors and partners. 


    100% Tencel™ Lyocell

    OEKO TEX-100


    Textile printing process:

    OEKO TEX 100 

    REACH compliant



    Stickers, note cards: FSC Certified

    Hang tags: FSC Certified & 100% post-consumer waste

    Mailer: 100% post-consumer waste