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Meet Our Founders—on RTHK Radio 3!

10 February 2021

Our Founders, Christine and Kyros were recently on the radio! They were invited to speak about AndAll and their journey so far in building a mission-driven, for-profit company on Noreen Mir’s 123 show on RTHK Radio 3 on February 1st, 2021. Watch the Facebook Live recording here or listen to the audio link here.

Christine and Kyros talked about how they came up with the concept for AndAll and shared some insights on the journey in building a sustainable brand. Here are the key things they shared:

  • How AndAll started: Christine kept taking Kyros’ shirts but realized there was a real need for a shirt for all shapes, made in a more sustainable way.
  • Sustainability from a 360 degree perspective: Kyros emphasized that they don’t believe in only making a sustainable product, but also in building a sustainable business from the inside out.
  • Quality, quality quality: The shocking stats from the fashion industry are stark with clothing ending up in landfills at alarming and unsustainable rates. The key is to create a quality, timeless shirt which the consumer will always want to wear.
  • It’s not just a shirt: So much work went into re-thinking the traditional, gender-based shirt and innovating across the circular design process and production.
  • Tencel™ Lyocell: Christine explained the reasons why they chose to use this amazing, eucalyptus-based fiber, which is made in a closed-loop process (What even is that, you ask? Listen to the interview!).
  • The ‘angel’ is in the details: Much of the fashion industry uses a polyester-based thread. And because there are no legal requirements to disclose the fiber contents if it’s anywhere between 1-5% of a garment, no brand (not even sustainable ones) talks about the thread they use. We do though! Christine and Kyros talked about going the distance and committing to high sustainability standards.
  • Partner up: Finding the right partner who’ll go the distance with you is key to innovating and producing responsibly. For example, they spoke of the creative shirt packaging solution they implemented with their production partner for a lower carbon footprint re-usable shirt bag.

We hope you enjoy hearing about the AndAll journey thus far and we would like to thank Noreen Mir and the RTHK once more for having Christine and Kyros on the show!

-Team AndAll